Summer Camp Hunt Hints Guide


summer camp hunt hints guide

Starlight Apparel - 7 Items to Find!

1.  Eek!  That Fire is Dangerously Close To The Bridge!
2.  Row, Row, Row Your Boat... Gently Around Malus Park
3.  This Lamp Provides Perfect Cover To Keep My Blanket Dry
4.  You Are Drawn To The Magic Stone Circle, But What Awaits On The Other Side?
5.  I Am Resting Near Iron Gates
6.  I Just Love To Fish In The 7 Seas
7.  I Rolled Down a Massive Bridge and Landed By a Pillar

Mandilena Gestures - 10 Items to Find!

1.  A Path Less Traveled To a Stone Bridge
2.  Look Towards The Mountains and I Am Sheltered By a Light
3.  A Tiny Beach Holds a Perfect View Of The Lighthouse.  Only a Rock Saves Me From Being Washed Away.
4.  Time For a Pint or Three!
5.  Lava, Lava EVERYWHERE!
6.  Not Sure Which is Hotter, The Cauldron or the Fireplace
7.  Chilling With Steven and What a View From Here!
8.  Look Above a Bridge For Kissing!
9.  You Could Easily Walk By Me, But See a Fire and Look Up!
10.  Drawn To The Ruins, I Am Resting On a Rock

lure couture - coming soon!

Absinthe Art & Angels - 4 Items to Find!

1. A place with bar view! What more do you need? ;)
2. Hiding behind a naked lady. 
3. The soft ripple of water... I could listen for hours.
4. Where have all the tomb stones gone?

splintered creations - 9 Items to Find!

1. I'm on top of the Grid
2. Awesome Sponsors and Designers
3. Nothing like being curled up by a warm fire
4. What a beautiful covered bridge.
5. Seeking REFUGE by the water.
6. What an amazing, yet DETERMINED green apple
7. Nachos, Snow Cones and Cotton Candy Oh My!
8. In the cemetery at the GATE
9. What a beautiful Rustic look

ari-pari - coming soon!

grumble - coming soon!

~mystrie~ - 5 Items to Find!

1. Don't fall off!
2. Quietly watching the deer.
3. Among the trees.
4. Lighting the path.
5. Wonder if there are bats in there?

sundari - coming soon!

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