Holiday Magick Hunt Hints Guide




1. An apple a day keeps... oh wait, it's a cookie! 

1. Oh this fire is nice!

1.  View From a Bridge 
2.  Don't Climb On These... Could Be Painful!
3. Drop of Mulled Wine?  Lovely!
4. Time To Sail The 7 Seas
5. That Apple is Bigger than ME!
6. The Lighthouse is stunning but be careful not to fall from the rocks!
7. A Pint Of Cider Please :)
8. Throw Pennies In Here For Luck!
9. Not Quite a Weeping Angel!


1. Angels needs swords, but halos, too!
2. Naughty little me, arching between two naked ladies.
3. Like the Star of Bethlehem I shine on top of this lovely construct!
4. Hey, grumpy goat, have a cookie!

1. I like fire. 
2. I almost lost myself in the rocks.
3. Did you see the Cauldron?
4. Do you like wine?
5. Hi Demon!
6. Hey, apple!

1. I'll stand by this tree while I decide which way to go.
2. The warmth of the fire surrounds me like love.
3. Another fork in the road.  I'll stand here and watch the pretty lights while I think on directions.
4. A lantern to guide my way, lights beyond.  My safety, my refuge.
5. I have found refuge now.  I am going to sit here, take a drink from this fountain and look at the pretty flowers while I ponder on the holidays.

1. Snowflake fell on Trompe Loeil.
2. Snowflake made friends with a dryad.
3. Snowflake made friends with another dryad.
4. Snowflake decided to warm up by the fire.
5. Snowflake gazed at the lights of temple ruins.
6. Snowflake hiding behind the information.
7. Snowflake fell on the ice under the bridge.
8. Snowflake stuck in the fire!
9. Snowflake fell on a piece of ice! 

1.  Perched Below Many Twinkly Lights Drifting Up Into The Sky
2.  A Beautiful View from a Snowy Bridge
3. Warming my Cookie by Lamp Light!
4. What Beautiful Crystals!
5. Can You Pull The Sword From The Stone?
6. Seat At The Bar?  Yes Please!

1. I'm gonna sit on the pillar behind this big stone and look at the water. 
2. This fire is higher than the rest
3. I've always love covered bridges. 

1. Warming up by a sparkly blue fire. 
2. I have a sword!
3. How are you doing, Steven? 

1. Search 7Seas Information Sign! 
2. Look the funny pirate! 
3. An aperitif? Check the Drinks Cooler! 
4. Sit back and watch with Tourist Binoculars! 

1. Let the lantern guide your way. 
2. The fire in the tavern is a nice place to warm up! 
3. Don't forget to leave your gift at the alter! 
4. Mmm cave cookies! My favorite! 
5. Well I guess columns can be trees if you put a star on them! 

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