Haunted Hunt Hints Guide


the haunted hunt hints guide

1. Just Keeping a Grave Stone Company
2. Drinks On Ice With a Sea View
3. The Biggest Keg Of Cider I Ever Saw!
4. A Beautiful Bridge But Mind The Monster!
5. Amongst a Guarded Bunch Of Pumpkins

1. You May Be Ruined If You Climb Up To Find Me Here
2. Make a Wish...That I Don't Fall Down This Well!
3. Be Careful Not To Trip Over Me Here
4. Legend...ary!
5. Shielded By a Metal Gate

1.  hiding at the sponsor scoreboard
2. hiding from large pumpkins out of fear
3 . made friends with the river monster
4. liked the purple light of the flashlight
5. admires the right dryad
6. loves the pink monster baby kraken
7. admires the left dryad

1. The best place to hide a pumpkin is a lot of pumpkins.
2. Greetings from the Kraken!
3. A sword, a shield and a... pumpkin... Ach?!?
4. I'm the Master of the Forest!

1. I'm on top of the Grid
2. Awesome Sponsors and Designers
3. Nothing like being curled up by a warm fire
4. What a beautiful covered bridge
5. Seeking REFUGE by the water
6. What an amazing, yet DETERMINED green apple
7. Apples, Apples and Apples.  It's an APPLE CART!
8. In the cemetery at the GATE
9. What a beautiful Rustic look
10. It's called 7 Seas but I only see one Sea

- coming soon -

- coming soon -

1. Warming up
2. Safe behind a large statue
3. Just floating in the water

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1. Things are getting hot
2 You might need this to see by
3.  Where the dead are laid to rest
4. One of these a day keeps the doctor away
5. Just ask for a drink
6.  What a nice set of horns
7.  Standing guard over the swirling portal
8. What is under deaths hood

- coming soon -

1. I love this antique sofa!
2. Classic is always stable.

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