Hippity Hoppity Hunt Hints Guide

each designer has hidden eggs of various colors
(basket of available colors show below)


1. Steven and I are sittin' on the dock of the bay, watchin' the tide roll away.
2. What a beautiful Rustic look.
3. How Blessed I am to be by this Stone.
4. What an amazing, yet DETERMINED green apple.
5. Seeking REFUGE by the water.
6. What a beautiful covered bridge.
7. Nothing like being curled up by a warm fire.
8. At the base of a tree, the path has many possibilities.
9. I'm stumped as to which way I go, maybe the cemetery?

1. These temple ruins sure look old!
2. Follow the path and check the roots of the trees. 
3. The waterfall in the zen garden is so peaceful. 
4. Look for the fae in the memorial fountain.

1. This Lady is Frying My Egg!

2. These Lamps Help Light The Way.

1.  Warming Myself By The Fire As I Look Out To Sea
2.  Legend Says I Can Be Pulled From A Stone But Only By The Right Person
3  This Apple Doesn't Look Very Ripe!
4.  Find Me Before The Creaky Lantern Melts Me Away
5.  A Place Where Legends and Adventurers Are Welcome

1. Wow! lovely  Table Sign!
2. Take the Party Sparklers  
3. Do you want a drink?

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