Hippity Hoppity Hunt Hints Guide


the hippity hoppity hunt hints guide

1. In The Middle of a Stone Filled With Light
2. Balanced On Top Of a Pillar Between Lights
3. Drop a Coin and Make a Wish!
4. Look Down As You Look Out To The Lighthouse

1. If I Slip From Here, Watch Me Float Away Down Stream!
2. I Love Bridges! This One Leads To Pizza!
3. Quick! Two Hungry Deer Are Trying To Eat Me!
4. 7 Seas of... Chocolate?
5. These Apple Trees are producing Eggs!
6. Time For a Beer or Three!

1. Near the Sponsor Stand
2. Likes to Watch the River From the Bridge
3. Watches the Cloud
4. Afraid of the Dark - Stays in the Light
5. Likes a Big Bridge
6. Looks at the Dryad
7. Befriended a Lantern
8. Likes It Hot
9. Companion to the Dryad
10. Admires the Fountain

1. Water, water everywhere, my precious shell did shrink.
Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink!
2. A double egg-nog, shaken, not stirred!
3. I'm a cuckoo without a nest!
4. Relaxing and watching the endless ocean...

1. You can find me around the Grid
2. Before you cross me, look to your right
3. I am placed at the base of this for safety
4. On a rock at four forks
5. I wish I could glow like these in the air by me
6. I look like a ball on top of a cap of stone
7. Up a tree overlooking the sea
8. Sometimes I "rise" to the occasion
9. Water, Crisp and Clear, better than beer

1. You'll find me along the path to Zen.
2. It's getting hot up here! 
3. Can you pull the sword from the stone?
4. Do you believe in magic?

1. need a drink? check in the cooler!
2. see the table sign.

hints coming soon!

coming soon!

1. How do I get across the water?
2. Which way is left?
3. Where do you look for ghosts?
4. Where is the best shade?
5. Have you seen the huge fruit?
6. Lets Have a drink.
7. What a shiny bunch of rock crystals.
8. The Sharpest point of the animal.

1. There's a great view of the river from here.
2. I'm hiding behind a rustic brazier.
3. This fence looks really old.
4. It's cozy inside the covered bridge.
5. Grab some cider while you're here! 

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